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Your uniqueness is your superpower!

Create engaging social media content in two easy steps.

Step 1.

We interview you in a studio environment with video and audio facilities. People expect you to talk about how great your business is, but when other people do it, trust and credibility is built fast. That’s called ‘social proof’ – being interviewed in a professional studio environment is the ultimate in ‘social proof’.

Step 2.

The hard work for you is done. Our team will now create long form video, cut down versions, promo’s & sizzle reels, audio content, blog & keyword content, social media posts for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn along with premium podcast content. All designed to passively bring new prospects into your sales funnel.

Be Authentic Escape Competition

What we offer.

We can tailor a package suitable to you and your budget.

Content Kickstart

Perfect for small to medium sized business
  • Easy and fast, just be yourself and tell your story
  • Long form video of studio interview
  • Video promo 
  • Blog content 
  • Audio content

Boost Awareness

Strategically focused to build trust and familiarity with new customers
  • Long form video of studio interview
  • Video promo 
  • Video cut downs & teasers 
  • Video teasers
  • Audio content
  • Blog content

Hire Studio Space

A readymade studio with audio & video
  • Digital screens to display in the background.
  • Operator provided to make life easy.
  • Video and phone call link to interview guests.
  • Two in studio hosts/presenters desirable, three in studio hosts/presenters also possible.

Content creation options

Our Process

According to your individual needs we agree to a plan of attack with a
clear objective

A run sheet for our record session is created with our goals in mind

Studio is booked and all elements required are sourced

Locked and loaded

Time to have fun! video and audio captured for content creation

Content elements are created and shared with you for approval

The most effective way to connect with your consumer is by being authentic.

If you live in Melbourne, Australia and listen to the number one radio station you’d know Pat Panetta, but what you may not know about Pat is that he has run a successful media agency for more than 15 years, with a team of experts Tell Your Story Media has spearheaded hundreds of  successful media advertising campaigns – radio, tv, billboards, digital marketing and event sponsorship & activation since 2008.

 Tell Your Story Media. Created to help arm small to medium businesses with the content required to fast track their presence in the digital space.

‘…the only way to gain traction on social media and in the digital marketing environment is to have a deep conversation with your niche audience and then scale up from there.'

The answer is simple; be authentic, be real & relatable and you will be untouchable in our cluttered media environment – get in touch & let us show you how. 

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pat panetta at desk in studio